Images separate media library for each user wordpress add and share your bookmarks with the ease of a click site:.fm&ctclnkreason:"|" "|" "|"images tips and know how

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RSS for Beginnners | Webmonkey | Wired.com
15 Feb 2010 A feed is an easy way for sites to share headlines and stories so that you can read The idea of feeds — pushing out your content to users, rather than forcing them to When you click on one of those lovely little orange icons in Firefox, Safari, Opera or Such thinking fails to see the whole picture though.
custom post types - Large Uploads in WordPress - WordPress ...
7 Mar 2011 Each sermon is 70-80 MB and far too large to process in a simple HTML upload form. When they're writing the new "post", they just click the add media .... But for my bookmarks and images I was bored uploading and re same (in sync mode) (but obviously that is very specific for one user Your Answer.
media - Linking a PDF as a downloadable document - WordPress ...
15 Dec 2010 (I've uploaded the PDF to the media library and can insert the link but can't find this is great & much quicker than all the other options. Your safest bet is to add instructions on the page for the user to about users not being able to get back to the page after they click a link, .... share improve this question.
Opera Browser
These statistics are based on W3Schools users. If your Web site works in Opera, you can be certain that it is standard compliant! code, and your site will work in all major browsers and on all major platforms and in your inbox; Revamped address field - To add pages to your bookmarks or Speed SHARE THIS PAGE 
safari 5 | Webmonkey | Wired.com
10 Jun 2010 Your readers, the people you depend on to reach your bottom line, have It's telling that Apple, a company with a history of only adding the “technologies like Safari Reader sound a salutary warning to media Photo: Vlasta2/Flickr/CC Click it, and Safari strips out all of the clutter on the page (ads, 
calculate pixel coordinates of each point on multiple clicked image
Browsers and even versions of browsers have different ways to Can show me your example code and let me have a reference? I need to track how many times and where a user clicks an image and then If anyone else has any input, please share. http://javascript.about.com/library/blmousepos.htm
Build an iPhone-Optimized Website With iUI | Webmonkey | Wired.com
15 Feb 2010 The iPhone may not yet have a majority share in the smartphone world, at all to sequester off a domain for your iPhone users and apply the iUI The iUI library has a very nice set of tools that will turn your lists into a user-scalable=0;"/> < style type="text/css" media="screen">@import ". Image:Iui1.jpg.
Is your docx file turning into a zip? - SOLUTION
Here is the list of Office 2007 MIME type associations you can add if you run into this .... can use one of the following settings to force user to use only one option: # .... 'To use this script, just double-click or execute it from a command line. .... Bookmarks Binding PHP Functions to WordPress's Ajax Handler
What is the purpose of XML?
Registered User To convert from any one proprietary format to any other directly would than 10 different programs in the world that people want to share instead of the other, but occasionally the choice isn't terribly easy. And I don't mean you make an inventory of your personal library .... Bookmarks 
[RESOLVED] How do you allow one use per ip per day?
I know how to write an ip to a textfile and use cron to reset it every day but could have two different users from different locations each access your Then there are people who share the same IP address, and so you .... <img src='http:// rallan.org/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_biggrin.gif' .... Bookmarks 
Browser Cookies speed test
Though the JS performance varies a lot per browser and would because a site normally has at least one cookie (ex. user or session I hope your spouse has done better in this same time frame of your marriage. .... Attached Images viable solution. if you get something up and running and can share
Can't seem to find where to remove border in an intro??
Registered User All you had to do is add the border: 0; part to the inline CSS already inserted rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon"> < meta (c) Dynamic Drive DHTML code library (www.dynamicdrive.com) * This I truly appreciate your help as I know this is suppose to be an easy 
jQuery Page auto-zoom script to fit with no scrollbars
minW is the minimum width for your homepage to look good. so that the user does not have to scroll the page to the right or to the left. You can also copy it without the <script></script> tags to a seperate file and .... border displayed in some browsers around an image when it is surrounded .... Bookmarks 
jQuery Tabs links inside tab to other tabs work but active class not ...
Registered User If you use one of the buttons in the first tab you go to the right tab but the I've added a lot of different code but it doesn't work. .... is possible to put a link inside a tab and if your click it you go to that tab. Why have a link to a tab when it would be just as easy to click on the ..... Bookmarks 
How can I get query string values?
Registered User It is fairly easy to get the querystring by just using javascript, if you is that presumably since it is your script, in your page, you already have that a form page is offered, or a gallery script if a slideshow is presented. it and send them at the same time or make a library and send it to all 
Windows and Linux Dual Boot - Same Disk
I have one disk, so I'm guessing I need to partition it. I grabbed my entire images library from windows and moved it over to Linux in one 
Free Kindle downloads available today -
Oh, and if you don't own a Kindle, you can download one for the Anyway, thanks for sharing, I've downloaded some of them How do for something I'm interested in - SEO , WordPress, whatever - and look ..... Promote Your Business or Cause Using Social Media: A Beginner's Handbook: ...... Bookmarks 
Webmonkey http://origin.stag2.webmonkey.com The Web ...
3 Mar 2010 TweetDeck users can now keep track of Facebook status posts and post .... To enter the contest simply post your photos somewhere on the web and let us .... sharing site, then add them to the channel guide for all Democracy users to see. mode is as easy as clicking on the video image during playback.
jquery with galleria plugin
This is literally after i stripped ALL of my customized CSS and literally JUST copied and pasted .... Your gallery looks awesome and I am stuck!
jQuery New plugin - History API
Hello all, I've written this new plugin, which encapsulates the Registered User the easy bit first - no JQuery "ready" does not get fired again. I take your valuable feedback very seriously and have forwarded the ..... body's class, other attribs, images, favicons, rss feeds, etc. if nothing else, .... Bookmarks 
Using PHP to edit PDF
Registered User P.S. I would prefer not to use the PDF library. Please any one help me ? save Word as PDF using Cute PDF Writer or Office 2007 add-in. It is not easy to learn well. Of course, different guy has his own way. Nice thread and so helpful thread, thanks for sharing. Bookmarks 
block "back" button
It causes unnecessary headaches that no one should or will want to No, design your site so that it does not have to circumvent to default user the server you're disconnecting -- make it a sync request though. if the user is still logged in and if not serve him/her a different page). My JavaScript Library
Setting <div> innerHTML to HTML code in ext file
Registered User One word: Ajax. http://aplustv.com/public_stuff/ajax... l_document.htm side include statements, BUT typically if your file extension is just HTML the server will not do the include. Bookmarking is not messed up for people. I'll make a "hidden" iframe pointing to the code I want to share.