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Duplicate email problem using php mail()
19 Jun 2008 Hi all I am having a problem with duplicate emails being sent on registration. I am using a very simple php mail() function to send the registered
Duplicate Emails - Web Hosting Talk
Duplicate Emails Hosting Security and Technology. for each emails. I am using cpanel as control panel and exim as MTA. I have updated exim, but it didnt do the fix, Please help me to get rid of this problem. Duplicate emails sent in PHP, ventouse, Programming Discussion, 5, 02-24-2009 12:04 PM
Duplicate emails sent in PHP - Web Hosting Talk
Duplicate emails sent in PHP Programming Discussion. them out the first-time, if they will run into the same problem again the next day.
Urgent HELP!!!...
I just need to modify this script so it will NOT check for Email duplicates and if Email duplicates are found echo "\n<h2>Problem! <a href=%22register.php/ %22>register using a different email</a> which will create a new account</li></ul >";
mass mailer sends duplicates using php mailer class
28 Sep 2006 mass mailer sends duplicates using php mailer class. I wrote a mass mailer program and am having problems with it sending duplciate emails
PHP - Sending Double Email On Submission - Web Hosting Talk
I designed a PHP form mail script and I do not see the problem or what is causing the script to send me duplicate emails at the same time. Can you .... Thank you for using our Dedicated Server Support Request form. <br><br>
Duplicate Email - Web Hosting Talk
Duplicate Email Dedicated Server. I host somone of my own person website on my raq and ran into a problem yesterday (by far, not my first).
form_processor.pl/receiving duplicate email messages/code or html
10 Jul 2003 hi, I am using form_processor.pl as my cgi script. The script Maybe the problem is in my html code. my html code is: Name. Forum · PHP Help · Coding; form_processor.pl/receiving duplicate email messages/code or html
PHP mail(): sending duplicate emails. Help!
19 Nov 2004 Hi, I have tried to use the PHP Mail function to send an automatic response with order details. It works really well, except it sends a duplicate copy of each email and I can't figure I see nothing here that indicates the problem.
mail() problem with duplicate messages
14 Jul 2005 Hi, When I use the mail() function as per the following example. For some reason it sends the message twice. Sometimes the second copy is
Sending my mail form to duplicate emails
30 Jan 2008 Hi, maybe just a simple edit but I need to add an additional email for my form to Forum · PHP Help · Newbies; Sending my mail form to duplicate emails works fine now!! one other problem i am gettign is that with explorer
duplicate emails from dedicated server? - Web Hosting Talk
duplicate emails from dedicated server? Or could it be caused by a problem related to the configuration of the sendmail server itself?
Using Distinct
14 Jan 2004 I need to grab their name and their email address without duplicate email addresses. I thought SELECT DISTINCT would solve this problem but
Remove duplicate emails in Outlook?
Hi, Does anyone know of any free tools to remove duplicate emails from Outlook. Outlook decided to download 11k of read emails from my POP3 server (I use it as backup) today and I need to remove the Guys in my office have the same problem. Using thunderbird now By mrkryz in forum PHP
Site5 = horrible - Web Hosting Talk
code that brings down the whole box, tons of email problems (duplicate emails, lost emails, .... http://www.site5.com/about/management.php
get NOT unique values, display and condense
13 Aug 2010 What I am trying to do is reduce this and get rid of the duplicates... but i need I want to find all records where the email address is duplicated and display to keep it going piece by piece? using a temporary database or something? Isnt a problem handling it in php, but you still need to find all the users
Form to Email and Database
21 Mar 2011 <?php if($result) { //send the email $to = "...@gmail.com" ; .... Maybe the problem is at the form, usually "name" attributes. ..... echo 'Sorry you tried to place a duplicate "Email" into the system, <a href=".........php">click here</a>'; if not it is creating a string with contents "name" and using that string as the key
[RESOLVED] Invaild Email
27 Jan 2008 For example if you just entered "This is my email" it will reject it and show and error. The only problem is it doesn't show any error. <?php // here, we check if the form has been submitted, because we need to .... Mark this thread resolved using the Thread Tools. ..... //Check the database for duplicate email
Delete Repeated Emails
27 Jun 2008 I use the following statment: delete FROM emailsuk2 where email in (SELECT email FROM emailsuk2 GROUP BY email what sql system you are using... because the code runs just fine (deleting all records that have duplicate emails) on MsSql two solutions to your problem . PHP · Perl/Python/Ruby .
remove multiple entries from database
i`m a beginner to php and i have a problem sorting the mysql table. i want to sort all data in the mysql but then i want to remove all duplicate "email" rows. first:
E-mail problems on VDI servers - Web Hosting Talk
E-mail problems on VDI servers Web Hosting. Entourage. Have you tried using any other mail client to see if you can duplicate the problem?
2 problems with whm/cpanel server: piping error and build error with ...
Anyway, I'm having some trouble setting up e-mail piping (using Kayako support PHP Warning: Function registration failed - duplicate name
Duplicate, triplicate, quadruplicate, sextuplicate notifications
The problem of duplicate email notifications from DP threads is getting progressively worse. It started a few months back with duplicate
How to find web hosting that meets my requirements? - Pro ...
All future questions pertaining to finding web hosting should be closed as a duplicate of this question. Technology requirements (e.g. "I'll be using PHP and MySQL. .... Look at the Status board to see the recent outages/problems the provider Support for sendmail or something similar (so you can sent emails using PHP).
php - wp_insert_post inserts duplicate posts - WordPress Answers
12 Oct 2012 Share a link to this question via email, Google+, Twitter, or Facebook. duplicate posts when trying to update a post using the wp_insert_post.
[RESOLVED] email array checking validity of email address
17 Mar 2007 I had the following working but since I changed the email variable to an array it doesn't work. email I still have the same problem i think it may be due to the other checking that I do below, PHP Code: <?php // checks for a email address through POST. if there isn't a duplicate email address continue
no insert, but no mysql_error either!?
18 Apr 2007 tries to re-register using an already registered email address - the email field I deliberately entered a duplicate email address - no error. [edit] I've just realised how intermittent it is - I spoke to someone who registered and had this problem - they tried PHP at DocForge - a wiki for software developers
Remove Duplicates from Email Loop? - WebDeveloper.com
Remove Duplicates from Email Loop? PHP. PHP Discussion and technical support for using and deploying PHP based websites. The problem is that a user/email can be assigned to multiple groups. When this happens
Manage e-newsletters, subscriptions (php+MySQL) - Web Hosting ...
Manage e-newsletters, subscriptions (php+MySQL) Other Offers & Requests. engine filters invalid and duplicate email addresses (and puts them in log) Since the newsletter is sent using plain HTML (you can compose it as a for images), all the mail clients tested have no problem receiving HTML.
wp query - Duplicate posts showing up in loop using infinite scroll ...
1 Oct 2012 I'm experiencing an odd issue using Infinite Scroll for the WP_Query loop on my homepage. <?php global $wp_query; $paged = (get_query_var('paged')) The problem seems to be when the pages break at posts that have the 'hotness' log in. or. Name. Email required, but never shown. Home Page
php - How can I email a vCard to users who are unable to download ...
If not, let me know what the best solution to this problem is! possible duplicate of Contact details on a mobile site – Su' Mar 3 at 5:25 I managed to cobble something together using the classes from PHPMailer, and it's working fine for my
multiple copies of same email, server refusing connections, horrible ...
Are you using POP3 or IMAP to check for new messages? If your not happy with that solution, and the duplicate email problem still annoys
Complete Registration System
18 Feb 2006 hi, i am as new to php as one can be, but someone told me to check this place out so here i am. in an email with an automated pin number (no duplicate pin numbers) google for tutorials on using PHP with mySQL and all of what you Any questions while you're going through, or problems you run into,
Problems with validation
is valid, and then it checks against a database for duplicate email entries. php Code: <?php $conn = mysql_connect("localhost", "***", "***"); .... I'm sure there's much easier ways of writing this using loops, functions, etc...
Html Coding. Help!
<?php // Set the database access information as constants. else { // if a duplicate e-mail is not found, submit it to the database .... your problem can not be solved with only html code , you must know about database and a
PHP array_unique() Function
PHP While Loops · PHP For Loops PHP E-mail · PHP Secure E-mail The array_unique() function removes duplicate values from an array. While using this site, you agree to have read and accepted our terms of use and privacy policy.
Feedreader.com creating problem of Duplicate articles of my Site
I owe epaperwiki.com and the problem is that many feed readers sites are on their site and as such this creates duplicate copy of my blog articles if you owner at http://www.feedreader.com/contact.php but no help from them! clicking forgot password but my email was not available in their databases.
mail() problem
25 Jan 2008 Thread: mail() problem i'm using a guide book for learning php and as if this script is imported from the books cd (it wasn't me writting it), i'm
email, catchall problems. - Web Hosting Talk
I am using @www.domain.com as the catchall. Still pulling hair out (while I get my mind off this by fixing webalizer problem caused by updating PHP.) Another idea, do you have the RaQ4 "Update: Duplicate Email Alias
plugin development - PHP Fatal error when using plugin_basename ...
PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function plugin_basename() <?php /* Plugin Name: Send Invitation Plugin URI: http://w3boutique.net Description: Emails a the link of .... $plugin_dir); // remove any duplicate slash $mu_plugin_dir = str_replace('\\','/' The problem occurs when the file is accessed a second time and the