Any way to protect PayPal seller selling digital tips and know how

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Any way to protect PayPal seller selling digital goods? - Web ...
Hello, I am using PayPal to accept online payment. I sell tutorials and software on the Internet. Some (actually quite a lot) customers report
Paypal no protect to seller? - Web Hosting Talk
Hi, I'm thinking of selling some virtual items via Paypal, but Paypal says that no .... Any way to protect PayPal seller selling digital goods?
PayPal : immaterial goods and protection - Web Hosting Talk
PayPal : immaterial goods and protection Ecommerce Hosting & Discussion. Any way to protect PayPal seller selling digital goods?
Paypal Seller Protection Idea - Sending buyer a physical card ...
Paypal Seller Protection Idea - Sending buyer a physical card? Lastly, do you have any recommendation for non-Paypal CC ..... are they digital cards (online business cards) or the good old paper business This way, if the customer does a chargeback, you can prove that Want to sell domain names?
Paypal allows digital theft - Web Hosting Talk
What alternative to paypal is there for somebody who sells digital goods online? There is no seller protection like paypal claims on their site, its really a should stay the same for the download, so you got all kinds of ways.
Paypal CC chargback - 0% seller protection :( - Digital Point Forums ...
I am submit all online proof to paypal but now paypal send me email Well if you sell digital goods, paypal will not protect you as their seller
Question about selling digital goods with PayPal
What is my security if I sell one of my domains and accept paypal. no paypal never provide seller protection for digital goods. as you say it
how do i protect myself from scam (Paypal)
but the main thing i need to know.. how will paypal protect me, if someone through paypal as paypal dont provide any protection to the seller (digital With digital products there is simply no way to proof that you actually delivered Well, I've been selling my softwares online for the last 10 years now and
Protection for Sellers of Digital Produts
Hi to all. Recently I started selling software/scripts. I am using PHP Audit. Anyways, I have had numerous purchases using PayPal that have of a better solution (2CO also does not have seller protection for digital. The only way is to use virtual currency like e-gold which distant itself from credit cards.
best way to accept money after selling a website? - Web Hosting Talk
now, my question is which way is more secure for me to accept It was stated by posters that Paypal will offer no protection to the seller in the
Thread: Most Secure Way To Sell Domains? - Digital Point Forums ...
I have used PayPal in the past to sell domains that were less than $xxx, but I need to sell a profile site ($xxxx), and have no intention of allowing PayPal ( due to the chargeback issue). Keeps both buyer and seller honest.
Selling digital goods with paypal
Is there any safe way to sell digital products with paypal . like or digital item is delivered as such there is no merchant protection here.
Fraud prevention with PayPal? - Web Hosting Talk
Hopefully you were selling tangable goods and did delivery conformation, then your will be protected under paypal's seller protection system.
Is selling digital products risky?
I will be opening up a webshop very soon that will be selling Digital Products. it can be risky because there are no protection for the sellers on Paypal for problem and is there a way to protect the seller for digital products?
[Feedback] Seller protection for website/servis/digital products sold ...
I just had 2nd paypal chargeback/dispute in few months. the latest is Is there any way for us as buyer/service provider to get some protection from this chargeback issue? Purpose Code for Selling of Digital Products
No paypal seller protection for hosts? - Web Hosting Talk
No paypal seller protection for hosts? they get it back everytime no matter what kinds of documents the digital goods seller or hoster provides.
Most Secure Way To Sell Domains? - Page 2
I have used PayPal in the past to sell domains that were less than The Digital Point They protect you against chargebacks, and it all, so you are fully They secure the domain from seller, secure the payment from buyer
How to sell digital products with paypal
anyone know how you go about setting up a site that selling a digital product digital goods with ebay offers no protection for either the buyer or the seller. You can use PayPal but make sure you have a way to track each
Secure system for selling digital products?
I'm wondering if anyone knows of any cart/licensing systems which can Some ideas: - Payments from Unverified PayPal members are detected and Their purchase must be manually verified by the seller (through their site).
Got scammed, Will paypal help me ?
Hello dear friends, I've sold an digital download product (php script) to anyway i will do now call them and let see what they gonna do with direct contact to it, you are selling digital goods and you are not covered under Paypal's seller Unfortunately paypal didin't protect me against the scammer even
How do you detect Paypal fraud? - Web Hosting Talk
it does not tell me any details of how the customer paid, (by credit card, bank transfer, money I have never used paypal to sell anything. .... But paypal seller protection policy does not cover digital goods such as web hosting.
Negative paypal balance,need help.
Hi guys two days back i had $1645 in my paypal but 1 guy charged back I dont think PP will file any case against u if u close ur account. There has to be a better way to collect money from people who you provide a .... their seller protection policy but they declined to cover me due to digital shipment !
Thread: Seller scamming me via paypal - Digital Point Forums ...
I found the seller's ebay page after I paid so there's no way I can I've already made a paypal claim and he responded to it in the last day Strange, back when I was selling virtual items it was the seller that had no protection.
About Paypal - Web Hosting Talk
About Paypal Ecommerce Hosting & Discussion. We sell our product by Paypal . And we do all of our payments by Paypal. .... If you are providing digital goods, you're not going to be covered by PayPal's Seller Protection Policy (which In my digital goods projects I used to get high chargeback levels.
Can I sell an Ebook at Ebay
I just want to know your opinions if they are now allowing digital product But you must remember that there is no protection for you if you sell a digital book. Paypal and Ebay only offer protection for Physical Shipped goods, not digital. .... option, that way, you have the "Seller Protection Policy" covered and
Merchants That Protect Digital Goods - Web Hosting Talk
Any way to protect PayPal seller selling digital goods? AnyDemo, Web Hosting Lounge, 18, 03-29-2011 05:23 AM. Best place for selling digital
PayPal & Chargebacks - Web Hosting Talk
Is there any way we can stop this from happening because when it comes to some .... signature required by the cardholder just to use the PayPal seller protection. and also chargebacks from people who want a digital product for free. A friend sells E-Books and says it's more than doubled people who just
Paypal IPN Pro v1 ($5.01!)Securely Sell Downloadable items ...
Do you sell an ebook or any digital item for that matter, or plan to in the This script features: - Instant paypal notification integrated checkout for your digital item. was looking for some way that could protect my link coz afraid buyer on it. no help with it either from seller even after pm's to seller. finally a
Eziscript.com - AVOID at all costs - Page 2
My insight to this? Be very wary before you buy any scripts from this seller. Paypal dont protect against digital / virtual goods. You DIDNT win
PayPal and Intangible Goods
How can you win a dispute if one were to get scammed by a seller amount up- front via PayPal but doesn't respond to you via any form of the picture so the scammer has no way of finding out your address. Paypal buyer protection does NOT cover intangible goods. Selling digital goods with paypal
Selling Services in eBay!
Can I sell Services in eBay? The Digital Point selling a service on ebay you need to remember that it is not a tangible good, there for it is not protected under ebay or paypal seller protection , What's this site all about.
eBay risky when selling on PayPal
Yes that's right, that's where the protection comes in handy. Still though, I feel that the process is way too lopsided in favor of the buyer and that is what scares well you just made a mistake on choosing a seller. thats all.next time maybe you should be very careful. PayPal sucks if you sell digital goods.
ebay,paypal, and email accounts were HACKED! My story - Web ...
I've been using paypal since 2006 without running into any kind of problem. I learned that paypal doesn't protect the seller in cases like the one I had (shipping I did sell one for $130 on ebay 2 weeks back and received positive .... Other thing is the ebay listings for the Samsung digital cameras that the
How to tackle "Unauthorized Use of Credit Card" chargeback case in ...
One of my relative has website that sells digital item, using PayPal Buy Now buttons. The digital item seller has no security, they are not protected or you to physically examine the card, the right of way is to the card holder.
PAYPAL and GoDaddy Support and Protect Scammers
The Digital Point The seller calls PayPal and asks," What happened to my money?" The only way to get your domains back is by legal action or .... I've holding back selling GD domains because of all these scamming,
Difference between Verified PayPal Personal Account and Business ...
The Digital Point Anyway I dont mind.. giving paypal some commissions but only if If you want to comply to rules than if you are selling things through paypal, .... account is not covered by the PayPal seller protection policy.
PayPal sellar protection for Digital Downloads
According to terms of paypal it doesn't support digital delivery But Paypal is only option for me Bank won't make any enquiry and immediately takes funds from PayPal pockets If seller really delivered physical goods then PayPal will bare that amount on behalf of By earncef in forum Buy, Sell or Trade
Debit/Credit Card Payment > Personal Paypal Account??
I have a Paypal personal account. The buyer has Receive our chargeback and seller protection at no additional cost * Save time with our
Why we need to upgrade paypal from personal to premier/business ...
The Digital Point If you earn money by selling items online, you should use a Premier or center; seller protection on qualifying transactions at no additional cost; and a With a Business account, you'll be able to use all of PayPal's .... Be ready to some headaches anyway - With Paypal, you never know !
Question about PayPal Seller Protection
Yup , paypal is all for buyers , sellers do have to go the hard way to get their problem solved and seller protection is not applicable for many