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html - <a> link color CSS not working for Chrome/Firefox/IE/Safari ...
27 Jan 2011 <a> link color CSS not working for Chrome/Firefox/IE/Safari etc [closed] In my CSS file I'm changing the a:link and a:hover 'color' to white and
[RESOLVED] <a> tag not working for ONE link in Chrome / Safari
...will NOT for the life of me work on Safari or Chrome. It's displayed as You will see that the main menu works (a:hover and clickable links).
Change color of link on hover within Google Sites - Pro Webmasters
3 Feb 2011 <a> link color CSS not working for Chrome/Firefox/IE/Safari etc · Creating multi- language pages in Google Sites · Google Chrome for Mac, CSS
CSS :active Selector
Internet Explorer Firefox Opera Google Chrome Safari. The :active selector is Select and style unvisited, visited, hover, and active links: a:link {color:green;}
Hover not workin in IE
I'm having a problem with a navigation menu. When hovering over a link gradient changes from green to red however in IE when moving between links the original color-stop(100%,rgba(57,130,53,1))); /* Chrome,Safari4+ */
privacy - Turning off Google search results indirection - Web ...
30 Dec 2011 In Google search results, in Firefox or Chrome, I get URLs that go through Google and not directly to the target site. You see the direct link when you hover, but you get an indirect link like the one ..... I have the same problem.
CSS :visited Selector
Tip: Use the :link selector to style links to unvisited pages, the :hover selector to style links when you Internet Explorer Firefox Opera Google Chrome Safari
CSS :link Selector
Tip: Use the :visited selector to style links to visited pages, the :hover selector to style links when you Internet Explorer Firefox Opera Google Chrome Safari
a:hover not working in IE
Ok that poses a new problem i cant as yet write javascript im still learning, can i For example, placing :link after :hover will over-rule :hover.
jQuery Image hover/rollover/mouseover: back button breaks mouseout
Please see the three image links in the middle of the page. The problem is seen in Firefox and Safari, but Chrome seems to be okay.
jQuery jQuery Menu Removing Class when Clicking Back Button
The problem is that when you click the back button the class of "selected" remains jQuery removes the class and adds the class "hovering" when you hover over other links. So far I've tested it only on FF, IE and Chrome.
Copy raw link found by Google search, not the one with extra ...
3 Apr 2011 If the problem is the link length, you could try using a URL shortening ( Screenshot from Firefox 4, same behavior in Chrome, both on OSX 10.6) the link will be different next time you hover – Stormenet Apr 3 '11 at 19:36
CSS Nested List Menu Problem
I could live without the wrapping border of the UL, but my biggest problem is that in Chrome, when I hover over the main list item to bring up the
CSS 'hover' attributes not working in Safari
Mac and PC and both do nowt) I have several 'link / visited / hover / active' styles in my stylesheet, and none of them are performing in Safari.
How to remove a:hover effect from destination anchor
which is fine for normal links, however my page also has destination The problem is, these destination anchors seems to inherit the a:hover
Chrome CSS not working for A:Link
I made a class like: .link a:link { color:red; } and put in my site to catch links in a Is this a chrome bug, or am I incorrectly using the bit of css, and Chrome is just the only one catching it? Code: A:link A:visited A:hover A:active
Chrome and Firefox display:inline css issue
I have identified the problem as my initial class of display: inline. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. on CHROME and SAFARI trying to realize a simple CSS hover Tooltip with
seo - why are red hyperlinks red on hover? - Pro Webmasters
1 May 2012 Is there a specific SEO reasoning behind an on hover red hyperlink? to hide the links from users by making their color and hover color the same (or very similar) as the Use Chrome developer tool or firebug to determine what style is creating the hover color. If so, what to do? what problems can i face?
ssl - How to find unsecured content on a webpage - Pro Webmasters
26 Apr 2012 In chrome I checked the console (ctrl+shift+i) and it's not showing any errors for insecure content. Thanks Nick I'll take a look at those links. If you hover your mouse over the name of any element, it will show a tooltip with the Is it really a security problem to have non secure assets on an ssl page?
curious ie7 (ie8 compatibility view) problem - suckerfish
link Hover over the text "Educator Links" above the banner. In IE8, Chrome, and Fx, the dropdown appears under the text. In IE8's compatibility
Hover not working in Firefox
That is, the links don't link, and the hovers don't hover. I did this and it works locally in Firefox and Chrome AND the xhtml validates W3C via
odd hover issues with IE8 and FF3.5
Hello, I am having a very weird problem that manifested when I tested in IE8 and FF3.5. Here is what I am doing: I am applying a:link & a:visited to various div id in a compound css This works fine in IE9, FF4, and Chrome 10.
anchor tag not working in safari (ios) for Iphone/iTouch/iPad
All the anchor tags on my website work in IE, Chrome, FF, and even Safari on Windows. it will go change the background color as specified by the :hover in the css, but nothing But, the links are still all not working on iPad.
why a:active doesn't work?
I want the link in a different CSS when its active and different when its inactive. I used a:active after a:hover but it never works. Is there any browser specific problems or I have to call another class of CSS through javascript.
white border around image link on internet explorer
When i do create a link on a image a white border just appear. How can i remove the white border around a image link on internet explorer (on chrome or firefox it If image is a PNG, IE has problems with PNGs that contain an alpha border-style: none; } a:hover { color: #ffffff; text-decoration: underline;
CSS Image Opacity / Transparency
In addition, we have added what should happen when a user hover over one of the In this case we want the image to NOT be transparent when the user hover
CSS Dropdown menu not working in Safari/Chrome
ul.dropdown-linear li:hover { ul.dropdown li:hover > ul { .... The problem is that you have to link the first level entries to make the second level
plugins - prettyPhoto media loading very slowly in Chrome ...
5 Feb 2013 I'm having a problem with prettyPhoto media WordPress plugin (lightbox type) script in Chrome. Here's the link to my site: http://ecbiz129.inmotionhosting.com /~sar8475/sign-types/ click WordPress Carousel Hover Image
html - ie8 weirdness: Link jumps to top of the page on mouse over ...
11 May 2011 So the fourth link in the right column (Board of Trustees Meeting Link) of the Still don't know what was actually causing this problem, but it's no longer Hover over the link. Chrome Frame's notranslate does not work
Jquery Mega Menu Widget: Potential web font conflicts with ...
10 Mar 2013 Once the page loads, and you hover over a nav item with a drop down, the drop down is way PC - FF, Chrome (IE amazingly works fine) As soon as I placed my link back to the Google fonts, the problems happened again.
Problem with CSS in Safari, Firefox, Chrome etc
It displays fine in IE but not in Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc. li.studylink a:link, li. studylink a:visited, li.studylink a:active li.studylink a:hover {background-image: URL(/Test/Images/studylinkon.jpg);background-repeat:no-repeat
customization - Custom tabs widget don't work in google chrome, is ...
24 Jan 2013 Code is the problem or is a Google Chrome issue? recent or popular, as text link or thumbnail', THEME_NAME) ); // Create the widget $this->WP_Widget('post -types-widget', ..... class="hover"> <?php echo get_the_title(); ?>
filters - Are href attributes of a elements filtered on output to add the ...
17 Nov 2011 Are you sure it's what is really happening (link changed in page source) rather than what is browser displaying to you? to navigate to http://example.com/ current-page/# when you hover over the link or click on it. Tested under both Chrome and IE just to make sure I wasn't crazy. Add filter problems
Problem with compressed "Hover" CSS
Only the first hover works (i.e. a.more1:hover). Both IE and FF If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.
In new Gmail, how can I prevent label list from autocollapsing ...
14 Dec 2011 I find it annoying to have to hover over a quite small area, in this case the (In case this is some kind of bug, I'm using Chrome on a Mac.)
[RESOLVED] Right-Click Menu Issue, Want CSS answer NOT ...
Here's the problem: The CSS hover effect works well, when I hover over a I have created a little Right-Click Menu, it is available Here (Click the link at the .... might as well throw away firefox, opera, IE, and keep only Chrome.
jQuery Help with Jquery :hover Selector
You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to I am pretty sure that the problem lies with the :hover selector in jquery. but they do not work in IE 7, Chrome, Safari, and some versions of firefox.
Cannot remove bullet points from li tag
Second, if it's not working then it is because a) your stylesheet is cached The best way to determine if b is your issue is to open your web page in chrome, The pink box is a hover and the other links should be in boxes like
CSS issue with Chrome only
With Chrome, #maincol-nav is shifted to the left side. If I change the CSS to correct the issues, the problem disappear in Chrome but happens in
Mouse hovering works in IE but not in Firefox or Google Chrome
You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to In Google Chrome hovering has no effect although similar buttons do I don't know if that solves your problem, but fixing it should at least help.