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[RESOLVED] MySQL Results from Multiple Tables
[RESOLVED] MySQL Results from Multiple Tables. I am writing a script which is to pull data from 4 different tables and then place them in an
[RESOLVED] Mysql multiple rows and separate using php
[RESOLVED] Mysql multiple rows and separate using php. I am trying to find a way to pull multiple rows from a database and than be able to
[RESOLVED] Only Pulling First 2 Sentences from MySql Entry
[RESOLVED] Only Pulling First 2 Sentences from MySql Entry. Hey I had a question to see if this was possible.. I wasn't really sure what to
[RESOLVED] Pulling Data with Angle Brackets
It exists in the MySQL DB just like that, but when I pull it and store in a PHP I've just decided to separate the email into two fields, poc with the
[RESOLVED] PHP and MySQL apostrophe issues
Hi everyone, I am pulling data from MySQL and placing it into form fields for the user to update. If there are apostrophe's in any of the field's,
Hi, Im trying to pull some data out of a table in order of date My query is a follows: The format of the data in the TransDate field is dd/mm/yy (UK
[RESOLVED] MySQL Pulling in Dates in the wrong order
I have this really weird problem with a MySQL table. I'm trying to create a line graph with the PHP/SWF charts script. I'm pulling in my data from
[RESOLVED] split mysql results in 2 columns?
I have a mysql table that I am pulling data from for categories. So in the table there is id and name. Examples: 1 general 2 music 3 sports 4 arts
[RESOLVED] getimagesize on images pulled from MySQL
-Jake- // the script to pull the image from the database. "getimg1.php3" print("$ image_size[2]<br>"); ?> // the errors Maybe it is possible to get the image height and width when you store the data into MySQL. Any ideas?
[RESOLVED] Displaying MySQL data into a custom table
hey guy new to php and am trying to pull data from table in mysql db i in /home/ content/84/8829884/html/products/12-100-2.php on line 8
[RESOLVED] mysql update query fails - Page 2
15 Nov 2012 Thread: [RESOLVED] mysql update query fails If you get a submission where the POST'ed data matches the data you previously used to I was pulling the information out of the database to compare it to the posted variable
[RESOLVED] Dynamic MySQL Data in DIV Pop-Up
I have an array of MySQL data that is outputted to an HTML table in separate rows. .... textarea> </form> </div> <div id="detail-2"> <form id="form-1"> .... All the information of the ticket that is pulled from MySQL would go here.
[RESOLVED] Inserting records (MySQL) from a form populated from ...
has a repeat script, so in design view the form has two fields, depending on how many rows of data the form query pulls from the form table,
[RESOLVED] PHP/MySQL - Query that pairs hierarchical data with ...
20 Jul 2009 However - I've got a MySQL table of nested set model (test_competence) containing categories where users (test_users) could pick multiple of them. You already have the queries and code to pull out a hierarchical list,
[RESOLVED] MySQL row not updating
I have a form that pulls an individual record from a table, based upon the update statement, and the variable's data IS properly printing on the webpage. ..... Or do I need to use two different sets of variables; one for pulling
[RESOLVED] Mysql date search help
My table, called sdata, looks like this: mysql> describe sdata; I need to be able to perform a search between two complete dates (between But when I do this, it will pull for 30 days worth of data, but the scope is to limited:
[RESOLVED] Mysql Timestamp and PHP - Best way to display time
I would like the data stored in a MySQL TIMESTAMP field to be called and 2010-12-24 06:51:26, and when I pull the date into the webpage by 2) have a better way of storing dates than the MySQL method that I am using?
[RESOLVED] MYSQL Subquery to Select Data
resolved [RESOLVED] MYSQL Subquery to Select Data. Hey, I'm 001, 2. Genres (genreId, genreName) 1, Comedy 2, Action So how can I
[RESOLVED] Exporting PHP Generated Report From MySQL to Excel
I have to generate a custom report that pulls data from multiple tables, out there I can read (excel reports with php & mysql for dummies)?
[RESOLVED] PHP/MySQL - Query that pairs hierarchical data with ...
Now let's take some example data (not required to read/understand but could simplify): test_competence(2, "Languages", 2, 9, 1) To just get the competences for the user, and a seperate query to pull teh user info, also.
[RESOLVED] Organizing MySQL queries
I've been pulling apart my code and building towards a more best practices when dealing with organization of mySQL queries. Most of my pages only need one to two queries, while others might The higher numbered queries would be on a dashboard pages where a lot of data is being displayed.
[RESOLVED] Simple Mysql Query Keeps returning blank
However I can not seem to get my fname and lname to be pulled from And yes I have made sure that these two fields have data in them and
[RESOLVED] Transferring data from one table to another using ...
Hello Experts, I am having two tables and I want to move the data from one table to another using mysql query. And yes you need 5 values to match your insert statement so pulling out stuff from the select part will give you
mysql - Why is my database import losing text widget data ...
10 Feb 2011 Why am I losing text widget data during the import? serialize_fix_callback($ match) { return 's:' . strlen($match[2]); } .... I got a single problem when importing, but resolved putting the following lines at the top of the generated sql: Using Dynamic Data Pulled from a MySQL Table in a WordPress Page
[RESOLVED] Export Mysql data to CSV
resolved [RESOLVED] Export Mysql data to CSV. Hello, Im new to that SELECT * // should specify which fields you want to pull out FROM table1 field`, aaa.a AS `Super trouple field name 2`,bbb.bbbb AS `Field name 3`
[RESOLVED] primary key != consecutive numeration. how to 'pull all ...
25 Nov 2006 [RESOLVED] primary key != consecutive numeration. how to 'pull all rows data'? hi. although my production db will most likely not have the
[Resolved] radio button selected value from mysql database
I have a form that pulls up data from a database entry and allows you to edit I have two buttons, one for Yes and one for No that both take in a
[RESOLVED] MySQL enquirey
Hey, I've just started using MySql (databases full stop for that matter), and I'm lost. Honestly, it's very dangerous to pull data from either GET or POSTS that 2) SQL. I'm assuming that the single $customer variable will link to
[RESOLVED] Store MySQL results as multidimensional array?
Okay, so here's my problem: I want to store the results of a MySQL query as a multidimensional Basically, I'm pulling info from my database. I'm thinking if I had the variable as something like this: $row; It would then show as the name of the tab with an id of 2. $data[$row['id']]['name'] = $row['name'];
[RESOLVED] MySql Query Where field is greater than
I have database where all field data is numbers. I only want the results to show those records where the number in the field is greater than 4
Using wpdb to connect to a separate database - WordPress Answers
asked Sep 10 '10 at 2:31. Wadih M. 448411. Another MySQL database, or another database type? .... I resolved the problem by calling wp_cache_flush() to clear the WordPress cache before calling wpdb Custom Meta Data with 2 conditions
PHP 5.3.4 and MySQL
4 days ago Currently attempting to install MySQL with PHP 5.3.4, Upon adding the extensions i get two Join Date: Mar 2013; Posts: 2 Please consider marking this thread "Resolved" using the pull-down "Thread Tools" menu near the top. THERE IS AS YET INSUFFICIENT DATA FOR A MEANINGFUL ANSWER
[RESOLVED] Adding data from PHP+MySQL to dynamically created ...
I am running through a MySQL database using PHP and extracting all of $ make = $row['make'];//PHP var used to extract data from MySQL
[RESOLVED] MySQL Calculated field
Hi everyone, is it possible to have a calculated field in a MySQL database? be automatically calculate from the other two fields i.e. W/Pld * 100, to give me Or is there a way in PHP that I can pull the data from the database,
[RESOLVED] Populating an html form with mysql data.
05-31-2007 04:53 PM #2 .... Which would translate to, after being populated with the mysql data: .... If I didn't use a view, I really would need 106 select statements because it would need to pull from a lot of different tables.
[RESOLVED] Pulling an Email address from url var help.
I have a mysql database that is storing information for a client that they input backend, then the customer views all the information as it is listed
[RESOLVED] MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ...
30 Jul 2009 Hi experts, I have this code to add records to MySQL database in a table named main, getting Forum · Server-Side Development · PHP; [RESOLVED] MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ',)' at line 1 07-30-2009 08:45 AM #2 Your input data should be cleaned/escaped too before use.
mysql - How to replace the domain name in a Wordpress database ...
21 Dec 2010 A google search for "mysql replace serialized" yields this page, which might help: The data you're looking at is not JSON formatted. 38.6k227105 .... Pull post name from value of a specific meta key How to resolve?
[RESOLVED] Linking MySQL database info with Calendar Script
I need some help understanding how to also highlight specific dates pulled from a MySQL database. Like an event calendar. I would just like
mysql - Wordpress Database Slow - should I switch to InnoDB ...
So, my immediate issue is resolved, although I would still love to hear a good answer to InnoDB vs MyISAM 7141216. asked Feb 24 '11 at 11:34. Adam Heath 1493 Using Dynamic Data Pulled from a MySQL Table in a WordPress Page